Monday, August 6, 2018


"Some things are hard to understand. One could make a long list in answer to the questions of the Why? and How? of so many things in life. Here are a few common questions we ask and have been asked about God, ourselves, and many other issues. Here are a few of them. There are many more that could be asked. This is a sampling.
  1. Why do the righteous suffer but the wicked often prosper?
  2. Why does God permit evil?
  3. How about the doctrine of the Trinity–God being one in three and three in one?
  4. Why does God allow wicked things to happen all around us?
The above list could be much longer and almost unending.

I believe there is still a more important question. Do I know beyond every shadow of doubt that I am prepared to die? Am I sure I will go to heaven? All of us at some time will go either to heaven or to hell. There are only two eternal places to spend eternity for all of mankind. They are either heaven or hell.

God loved the world of mankind so much that He gave His Son to die in our place. It is my strong desire and I trust that you will acknowledge your need of Christ and accept Him as your personal Redeemer. The good news of the gospel is found in John 3:16-17. Please read it and accept God's offer of salvation."