Monday, July 2, 2018

Some Contemporary News

Lately our newspapers and much of contemporary news media are filled with articles about shootings, killing innocent victims. Schools, churches and homes, etc. are no exception where these crimes are committed. Recently the Dallas Morning News published this article "Unthinkable Tragedy." The killer launched an assault on the high school where he was a student, killing ten people. This is an example of horrible killings that are happening these days. You may be asking, "What is going on in these days?" Be sure also to think about how we need to respond by helping those who have been affected by such crimes.

In times like these we all need divine help. My question to you is, "Is Christ your Savior?" We need Him every moment of every day. The following is a phrase from one of my favorite hymns "Softly and Tenderly": "Time is now fleeting, the moments are passing, passing from you and from me." Physical life is certainly uncertain and death is sure. None of us has any assurance of another breath. Think about that for a moment. The question before us all is, "Where will we spend eternity?" Only trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ can we be sure of heaven as our eternal home. He died on the cross. He bore our sin on the cross.