Monday, March 5, 2018

Fact, Faith, Feeling

All of us know what each of these words mean. We all sometimes have different responses to these realities. Actually, we know these are realities of life. Certain things are true in our lives. We know what faith means–trusting, believing. What about feeling? We like some of the things we face but not all of them. Sometimes we have faith and other times we have doubts about situations.

One cannot help but ask how facts, faith, and feeling relate to life after death. Every one of us will experience death at some time. That is a fact of life. The Bible teaches clearly that after we depart from this world, we do not cease to exist. The question is, Where will we spend eternity? There is eternal life in both heaven and hell. No matter what we might think about realities of life and death, both are certain. There are only two places where all humans will exist after death–heaven or hell.

Our feelings about these realities do not matter. The Bible tells all of us clearly that to be sure of heaven, we must accept God's great gift of salvation for all who accept Him as Savior. There is only one way of salvation that God offers and that way is, whosoever accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as his Sin-bearer has eternal life and will never perish (see John 3:16-17).