Monday, January 1, 2018

Sheep and Shepherds

               Most of us don't think much about sheep, these lowly animals, and their caregivers. However, they are referred to often in the Bible. Perhaps you are wondering why they are our "thought for today." Maybe you even have thought or said, "So what?"

                Too often all of us get so busy that we forget the important things in life. We are all stressed and pressured with what's going on in this world and forget how important it is to be ready to give more attention to the hereafter. Here's a word to help us think about eternal matters so that we don't get so bogged down with all our temporal concerns. I have recently been reminded about David, the shepherd, and what he said in Psalm 23. This is probably the one account many people think about in the Bible when they think about the after-life.

                Sheep are helpless without a shepherd. They are easily scared by the slightest noise. Their sense of direction is almost nil. Someone has said, "They are utterly dependent on a shepherd." Those who have trusted in Christ alone are the sheep referred to in the Bible. And the Lord God is the believer's Shepherd. Are you one who has accepted Christ alone by faith alone as your Savior?