Monday, February 6, 2017


Life is full of times when all of us need to make a decision–many times and for many reasons. The decision must be made one way or another even though we wish we would not need to decide.

Here is a sampling of some issues and things for which we must make a decision in one way or another. Voting? Should I or should I not? If I do vote, which candidate should I vote for? Those with marriage problems certainly need to think long and hard about the issue. Should I buy a new car or a used one even if I can afford a new one? How about family issues? Should we have children, how many and how far apart should they be?

The list of these kinds of decision-making could be multiplied manifold. There is help available from God, especially for all who have been born again. God’s Word gives us some help for making a decision. The Bible is specific and clear about many things in life which all of us face. Therefore we need to prayerfully search the Scripture to see if it speaks to our individual needs. God wants us to follow His guidance in what we do and say, and He will light our paths as we seek to follow His guidance.

If you have not yet decided to trust Christ as your personal Savior, do it today! It may be too late if you wait too long.