Monday, December 5, 2016

“‘Worshiped’ a Baby?”

Whoever did that? We all love babies and “ooh” and “ah” over them, but “worship” them? King Herod ordered the “magi” or wisemen to go to Jerusalem to see whether or not Jesus was actually there. They did as they were told and journeyed to Jerusalem and found the baby Jesus, and they did worship Him (Matt. 2:11).

Was that really what Herod wanted to do, “worship” the Christ-child? Absolutely not! Instead, he sent them so he could have the baby killed because he was fearful of his position as king. God told Joseph and Mary to flee with the baby to Egypt because He of course knew of the evil plot of Herod (Matt. 2:13). The two did what they were told to do.

When the “magi” or wisemen followed the star and found the baby, they “worshiped” Him (Matt. 2:11). What exactly does that mean? It means to give reverence, to submit, to God Who alone is to be “worshiped” by His people. It follows, therefore, that only those who know Him as personal Savior should submit to His lordship over us and over our lives.

 This “Thought for Today” reminds us to give first place to God as our Savior and Lord. Of course, only those who know Him can do this (John 3:16). Let’s not forget to make Christ the center of our activities this Christmas season and not what we received or what we gave.