Monday, October 3, 2016

The Last Days

Are these the last days? Is Jesus coming back soon? Is there such a thing as the Rapture? Are we living in the beginning of the coming Great Tribulation which the Bible talks about in Revelation 2 and 3, written to seven local churches? These and many more, are the kinds of questions many are asking these days. It usually takes a catastrophe of some sort to get our attention. I believe we are, in fact, living in the “Last Days” which the Bible talks about. And we may be.

The last of pain, heartaches, poverty, and trouble of any kind will be experienced, for eternity, for all who are rightly related to the Lord Jesus Christ when He comes again. For those without this relationship, those who are not born again, there is no hope.  No one knows when Christ will come for His bride, the church. It could be today or maybe not for a long time. The Bible simply does not tell us when He will come for His bride, when the seven-year Tribulation will come or when the one-thousand-year kingdom of Christ on earth will occur. Since that is the case, we must not be dogmatic about when these things will take place. Rather, we as believers should so order our days because Jesus could return today. He will come to earth again. It could be today.