Monday, August 8, 2016

God’s World and His Work

Here is some church history. It is sad. Galileo Galilei was an astronomer as well as a physicist. He made a number of discoveries even while he was a student in Pisa. While there, he ran out of money and as a result had to drop out of university. Later he taught mathematics there. During that time he formulated some laws about gravity. Galilei also came up with the law of the pendulum.

Before long this man came up with laws and building of telescopes. Galileo was thought to be a Christian and believed the world and God’s work were both true and therefore valid for study. He even used one of his telescopes which he showed to Pope Paul V.

Galileo was criticized by the church because of his discoveries because it was thought it was in serious conflict with Acts 1:11 which reads, “Why are you men from Galilee standing here and looking up into the sky?”

When this man was75 years old and almost bed-fast, he was put on trial and persecuted terribly. He was called upon to denounce his views as errors and heresies. Truly, God’s world and His work are not in conflict. Neither is there a conflict between the Person and work of Christ. He was and is truly God and Man!