Monday, April 6, 2015

Christian Responsibilities

   I have decided to talk to you through the written page in the upcoming articles about several of the responsibilities God has given to His children. In the forthcoming articles I will not be writing about how to become a Christian but rather about how to live as a Christian in obedience to God’s Word.

    In this present article let me explain how one becomes a child of God before I begin with the responsibilities we have as Christians. In other words, How can one be sure of heaven? The Bible tells us that all mankind is in need of salvation because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, they sinned and were in need of a Savior. And all who would ever be born also are in need of a Savior.

    To be sure of going to heaven, one needs to (1) acknowledge his/her lost and hopeless condition (Romans. 3:23) and (2) affirm acceptance of Christ’s death as payment for his/her sin (John 3:16). When this is done, the one accepting Christ becomes a child of God and is guaranteed entrance into heaven (John 3:15; Romans 5:1).

    So, according to the Bible, one cannot be sure of heaven just because he/she believes God exists. Only those who have accepted God’s Son as personal Savior, as the One who paid his/her debt of sin, can be sure of heaven.

    In the upcoming series I will be dealing with such responsibilities for the believer as: abiding in Christ, walking in the Spirit, running the race, loving others, worship of God, prayer, and rejoicing in Christ.