Monday, June 3, 2013

Heaven for Real?

Yes, it is. We can know this because the Bible tells us so. Jesus said He would go after His death to prepare a place for those who had accepted His substitution for their sins. The stress in Scripture, however, is not on the place called heaven. Rather, Scripture talks more about believers being with Him forever after death. Heaven is life in the very presence of God. Ezekiel the prophet and John the apostle each were given a vision of heaven and they experienced the very presence of God (Ezek. 1; Rev. 1). In addition, John the apostle was used by the Spirit of God to see and write extensively about heaven in Revelation, chapters 21 and 22.

A number of specifics in Scripture reveal great truths about heaven. The glory of God is described with brightness displaying the full manifestation of all God is. There is complete safety, security, and rest in heaven because God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are there. Imagine it! Heaven is not a temporary dwelling place. There is permanence and there is safety there. This heavenly abode of the redeemed is spacious with plenty of room for all who will be there. Indescribable beauty covers all of heaven. There is no darkness at all in heaven.

All of the above and much more characterize heaven as seen by John (Rev. 21). None of the occupants of heaven will ever again experience sin, sorrow, handicaps, or heartaches. Throughout eternity God’s people will experience perfect love, learning, fellowship and service with God Himself. I’m ready! Are you?